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ANTI CIMEX - "Demos 81-85" LP

Image of ANTI CIMEX - "Demos 81-85" LP

25 song collection including all the band’s early Demo material: the entire “Anarkist attack” demo 1981 and various demo recordings 1981-1985. Highly influential Swedish Raw Punk Hardcore, among the true pioneers of the DBeat formula in a Scandinavian way. This is raw, angry and distorted with the pure early 80s energy,

Recommended if you like DISCARD, MOB 47, CRUDE SS and similar.

1 Wave Of Fear
2 Straight To Hell
3 Victims Of A Bomb Raid
4 Dead Struggle In A Burning Hell
5 Progeria Power
6 I Skuggan Ar Vett Krig
7 Krossa NRP
8 Jordens Undergang
9 En Död Soldat
10 FBU

1 Heroindöd
2 Muting
3 Anti Cimex
4 Svaveldioxid
5 Drömmusik
6 Eibon
7 Krossa NRP
8 No Title
9 No Title
10 The Armed A Attack
11 No TV Sketch (Discharge)
12 Total Vagra
13 Instrumental
14 En Död Soldat
15 Jordens Undergang