ANTiSEEN - "The Southern Hostility Demos" LP

ANTiSEEN - "The Southern Hostility Demos" LP

Witness the sonic evolution of ANTiSEEN with these demo tracks, unearthed for the first time in over 25 years!!

This is the Kings of Destructo-Rock at their most primal!!

Limited to 500 copies on OPAQUE YELLOW vinyl, includes 19" x 22" poster.

1 Death Train Comin
2 Leeches & Losers
3 Slice You Open
4 My God Can Beat Up Your God
5 Small Town Schizo
6 Last Days On Earth
7 Date Rape

1 Walking Dead
2 Haunted House
3 Self Destruction
4 Psycho Killer
B5 Heavy Mud (Live)