CH3 (CHANNEL 3) - "Fear Of Life" LP - Lavender Vinyl

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CH3 (CHANNEL 3) - "Fear Of Life" LP - Lavender Vinyl

Channel 3 emerged from the Southern California hardcore punk explosion of the early 1980s. "Fear of Life," their freshman debut, became instantly popular within the scene after its release in 1982 on Posh Boy Records.
Energetic in its approach to themes of political and personal unrest and dissatisfaction, "Fear of Life" explores a darker, albeit less ironic and more straight-forward side of idealism than some of its contemporaries, and unleashes this angst over an earnest, hard-driving delivery, creating the terrific synergy of Mike Magrann and Kimm Gardener.

1. Out Of Control
2. Accident
3. You Make Me Feel Cheap
4. Catholic Boy
5. Wetspots
6. Fear Of Life

1. Life Goes On
2. Manzanar
3. Strength In Numbers
4. Double Standard Boys
5. You Lie
6. I Wanna Know Why