FATHEAD SUBURBIA - "Control The Masses" 7" EP

FATHEAD SUBURBIA - "Control The Masses" 7" EP

Reissue of the demo tape by this obscure upstate NY HC punk band. These guys had a really unique sound, party spazzy lightning speed punk a la the Authorities, Suburban Mutilation, or Adrenalin OD, part early 80s-style NYHC.

Unlike a lot of early 80s USHC bands, Fathead Suburbia didn't rely on just a blur of speed... these are great songs, accentuated with bursts of full-throttle snot. An excellent reissue, highly recommended for connoisseurs of early USHC.

1. The Masses
2. Police State

1. Anti-Trust
2. Fathead Suburbia