FOREIGN LEGION - "The Early Years" LP

FOREIGN LEGION - "The Early Years" LP

Long running Punk Rock/Oi! band from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. Formed in 1984. This archival release collects their earliest recordings from 1984-1989.

It features their self-released 1984 'Distress Signals' Demo along with their first two 7 inches the 1986 'Trenchline' EP and the 1989 'Surf City' EP.

1 Spy
2 TV Escape
3 Smile For The Camera
4 European Sunshine
5 Brand New Cadillac

1 Trenchline
2 Message From Nowhere
3 National Affairs
4 Lots Of Fun
5 Surf City
6 What A Place To Be
7 Why Take My Life Away
8 Those Were The Days