ICONS OF FILTH - "Onward Christian Soldiers" LP (w/poster)

ICONS OF FILTH - "Onward Christian Soldiers" LP (w/poster)

The first domestic(US) vinyl release of this seminal, UK, anarcho-punk classic from 1984. "Onward Christian Soldiers," by Icons Of Filth.

This is a fiery slice of fierce punk/hardcore with lyrics dealing with a need for individual responsibility, action, and positive change.

A stone cold classic.

For fans of Crass, Instigators, Flux Of Pink Indians, Conflict, Poison Girls, Crucifix, Antisect, you get the idea.....

1. Why So Limited?
2. Mentally Murdered
3. They've Taken Everything
4. Fucked Up State
5. Present & History
6. Dividing Line
7. Now We're Getting Warmer
8. Sod The Children

1. Show Us You Care
2. Death Is The Only Release
3. Fool Britannia (A Song For Europe)
4. One Second To Midnight
5. Midnight
6. Onward Christian Soldiers
7. Self-Styled Superiority
8. Power For Power