JONESES, the - "Jonesin' Discography" LP

JONESES, the - "Jonesin' Discography" LP

One of the coolest and best bands to ever emerge out of the Rock n Roll sleaze pit of Los Angeles, The Joneses were the epitome of trashy rock ‘n’ roll. A mix of the New York Dolls, Ramones and Eddie Cochran – commonly referred to as ‘too glam for punk and too punk for rock”. Their music is pure punk fueled rock ‘n’ roll aggression, loaded with ‘50s style melodies but brandishing a hard ‘80s Los Angeles aggressive edge. The first volume in the PNV reissue series compiles the 1982 “Jonestown” 7”, The 1983 “Criminals” 12” EP along with various rare compilation tracks and other odds and ends capturing their early years.

Jonestown EP 1982
1 Jonestown
2 Criminals In My Car
Demos 1982
3 Crocodile Rock
4 Zoner Aka Jonesin'
Compilation Tracks 1982
5 Pillbox
6 Graveyard Rock

Criminals 12" EP 1983
1 Criminals
2 Bedrock
3 Fix Me
4 White & Pretty
5 Crocodile Rock
6 Ms. 714
Recorded Live 1982
7 Chicks And Politics