POISON IDEA - "Kings Of Punk" 2xLP

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POISON IDEA - "Kings Of Punk" 2xLP


POISON IDEA's landmark 1986 full length returns as the third volume in TKO RECORDS' "Kings Of Punk" reissue series.
This is the album the series was named for, and here it finally gets the treatment it deserves: restored and remastered to its full power, expanded to include a bonus 12" of live soundboard recordings from 1984-1986, deluxe gatefold packaging loaded with liner notes, never-before-seen photos- the works!

This version of Kings Of Punk is THE definitive reissue, never mind the shitty European bootlegs and unauthorized domestic versions, this monster package crushes all pretenders!!

- Includes a poster reproducing the original Pusmort promo poster- simply A MUST for Poison Idea fans worldwide and ANY fan of 80s Hardcore Punk.

SIDE A (Original Album)
1. Lifestyles
2. Short Fuse
3. God Not God
4. Ugly American
5. Subtract

SIDE B (Original Album)
1. Cop An Attitude
2. Death Wish Kids
3. Made To Be Broken
4. Tormented Imp
5. One By One
6. Out Of The Picture

SIDE C (Live: 1984-1985)
1. Cold Comfort
2. Rubber Husband
3. Ugly American
4. God Not God
5. Lifestyles
6. One By One

SIDE D (Live: 1986)
1. Short Fuse
2. Laughing Boy
3. Out Of The Picture
4. Tormented Imp
5. Made To Be Broken
6. Death Wish Kids