the CHISEL - "Retaliation" LP

the CHISEL - "Retaliation" LP


"It’s grim up north, and few articulate this better than the CHISEL’s seasider songsmith Cal Graham. Over a blistering 30-minute debut, ably backed by a motley crew of London punk luminaries, his stentorian vocals explore the crushing mundanity of working class life; from small-town bullies, post-Thatcherite social decay, and police brutality.

However, despite sounding like he’s permanently just had his pint spilled, there’s a relentless defiance, and sense of solidarity that runs throughout Retaliation like a stick of Blackpool rock, twinned with the kind of soaring guitars and thunderous drums that would make BLITZ or the PARTISANS proud; it’s a joyous affair.

An uneasy truce between the best bits of Oi!, UK82, even a dash of anarcho and hardcore too, the CHISEL’s debut occupies the same space as that moment after a last-minute winner hits the back of the net and the ecstatic embrace immediately following could quite easily become a headlock; vim and vigour, piss and vinegar. An instant classic."

December 2021

1 Unlawful Execution 1:54
2 Retaliation 2:15
3 Come See Me 1:31
4 So Do I 1:39
5 Common As Muck 1:40
6 Nation's Pride 1:38
7 Not The Only One 2:56

1 Shit Life Syndrome 1:35
2 Tooth And Nail 2:20
3 Crocket 1:42
4 Sit And Say Nothing 1:27
5 Force Fed 1:37
6 What Was Mine 2:42
7 Will I Ever See You Again? 2:59