the MISFITS - "Walk Among Us - The Alternate Takes"

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the MISFITS - "Walk Among Us - The Alternate Takes"

Super limited import fanclub release, collecting alternate takes of tracks from the classic "Walk Among Us" album, plus other rare versions of MISFITS hits. Check it out, ghoul....

1. 20 Eyes*
2. I Turned Into A Martian*
3. Astro Zombies*
4. Vampira
5. All Hell Breaks Loose
6. Nike A Go Go*

1. Devils Whorehouse*
2. Night Of The Living Dead
3. Skulls
4. Violent World
5. Horror Hotel
6. Ghouls Night Out
7. American Nightmare*

*= Recorded June 1981 @ Newfound Sound Studios, Fairlawn, NJ.
All others recorded August 1981 @ Mix-O-Lydian Studio, Boontown, NJ