TOTALITAR- "Sin Egen Motståndare" LP

TOTALITAR- "Sin Egen Motståndare" LP

"Sweden’s TOTALITÄR originated from small town Hudiksvall in the mid-80’s silver age of Swedish Hardcore punk, releasing a few EP’s and touring the UK before disbanding in 1990.

In 1994 the band reunited with new drummer, Jallo from NO SECURITY, to record what is arguably one of the best Swedish hardcore punk albums ever made, Sin Egen Motstandare “One’s own enemy” .

Like any great punk record, it’s a stark reaction to the world around them with poignant, relevant lyrics but served as marker for the elevation to what would become TOTALITÄR’s trademark sound - quick, raging blasts of riveting d-beat hardcore drawing influence from Classic DISCHARGE and early Swedish hardcore, but distilled to remarkable, catchy simplicity that masked incredible ingenuity within it’s straight forward template.

Their prolific recording saw them record another 2 LP's, 2 split LP’s , 10 7””s EP’s and split EP’s with TRAGEDY, DROPDEAD and more, until a final live performance in 2003 at Pointless fest in Philadelphia saw the members dispersed to play in too many bands to count: MEANWHILE, DISSEKERAD, KRIG I HUDIK, INSTITUTION, KRIGSHOT, MAKABERT FYND, KATASTROF, KRIGSHOT, KVOTERINGEN, HUMANT BLOD and more."


1 Sin Egen Motståndare
2 Döda Döda För Inre Frid
3 Slut Som Människa
4 Vägen Till Ända
5 Allt Är Inom Dig
6 Tvingad In I Livet
7 Slagen Av Sanning
8 Jakten På Budskap

1 Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Stockholm
2 Vart Tog Pengarna Vägen?
3 Slit Ner Hälsan
4 Hårda Kast
5 På Väg Mot Mål
6 Välj Min Lögn
7 Väck Mig Nu
8 Skallra För Döden
9 Stoppa Produktionen
10 Framtidsplaner