VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Killed By Death #6" LP (Color Vinyl)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Killed By Death #6" LP (Color Vinyl)

Another collection of classic KBD rippers!! Some all-time favorites from the likes of the KIDS, HITLER SS, SCREAMING URGE, FRANTIX, GLUEAMS, and of course GISM.....

1. the Kids- This Is Rock 'N Roll
2. Funeral Dress- Army Life
3. Dirt Shit- Exit
4. the Next- Monotony
5. the Insults- Just A Doper
6. Ed Nasty & The Dopeds- You Sucker
7. Hitler SS- Slave
8. Tampax- UFO Dictator
9. Revenge 88- Neon Lights

1. Screaming Urge- Homework
2. Schund- Schund
3. GISM. Death Exclamations
4. Frantix- My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic
5. the Glueams- Mental
6. Psykik Volts- Totally Useless
7. Fire Exit- Time Wall
8. Mark Truth & The Liars- Prisoners Of Time
9. Se- Meillä Voisi Tänään Olla Hauskaa