VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Killed By Death Volume 10" LP

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Killed By Death Volume 10" LP

Johann Kugelberg may have left the building on Volume #5, but KBD soldiers on!!
Here's #10!!!

Side A
1 the Vomit Pigs- Useless Eater
2 the Tragics- Laughing Lover
3 the Desendants- Unnational Anthem
4 63 Monroe- Hijack Victim
5 the Executives- Jet Set
6 Grim Klone Band- Heat's Rising
7 Grim Klone Band- Jehovah's Witness
8 Cringe- Spit On Your Grave
9 Voodoo Idols- We Dig Nixon
10 the Red Squares- Time Change

Side B
B1 Gentlemen Of Horror- God Knows You By Name
B2 the Normals- Almost Ready
B3 the Discords- Dead Cubans
B4 the Trend- Band Aid
B5 Count Vertigo- X-Patriots
B6 Unnatural Axe- The Creeper
B7 the Skinnies- Out Of Order
B8 the Endtables- Circumcision
B9 Sick And The Lame- Ate Days A Week

For those keeping score at home: Mr. TKO only owns NONE of the original records on this comp. Not a one. Don't waste this opportunity to rub it in his face if you happen to own any yourself