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VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Killed By Death Volume 5" LP

Image of VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Killed By Death Volume 5" LP

Volume #5, the final volume of the original series.... lots of classics on here. Buy this and save yourself the thousands you'd spend trying to find the originals...

On ORANGE vinyl....

Side A
1. Black Easter- What The Fuck
2. The Nubs- Job
3. X-Terminators- Microwave Radiation
4. The Molls- White Stains
5. The Stalin- ロマンチスト
6. Dieter- Cry For Fame
7. The Maggots- (Lets Get, Lets Get) Tammy Wynette
8. The Cowboys- Teenage Life
9 . Hubble Bubble -Look Around (I Was So Upset)

Side B
1 Neo Punkz- If I Watch TV
2 the Shitdogs- Reborn
3 RPA- Shoot The Pope
4 Teddy And The Frat Girls- Clubnite
5 Annonymous- Corporate Food
6 Riot 303- Drugs
7 Cracked Actor- Nazi School
8 the Stiphnoyds- Afraid Of The Russians
9 The Kids- No Monarchy
10 Hubble Bubble- Sweet Rot

For those keeping score at home: Mr. TKO only owns ONE of the original records on this comp. If you own more than that, you're better than him, and should probably let him know.....