AK-47 - "The Badge Means You Suck LP

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AK-47 - "The Badge Means You Suck LP

Long awaited collection from these ahead-of-their-time Texas punkers. The title track gets named checked in POISON IDEA's "The Badge." In 1980, these guys self-released a 7" that listed the names of the victims of police violence on the front cover..... Get this.

From Splattered Records:

Finally finally finally. One of the best KBD rockers out there is rereleased with a smattering of bonus tracks onto one 12" record. The title track is still the monster it was when it dropped back in 1980. Essential.

Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

1 The Badge Means You Suck
2 Kiss My Machine
3 The Mathematics Of Secret
4 Isaac’s Social Disease
5 Don’t Know What I’m Looking For

1 White Noise
2 Brain On A Pillow
3 Ben Taub Friday Night
4 Trumpelstiltskin
5 Dog Police