FINAL CONFLICT - "Ashes To Ashes" LP

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FINAL CONFLICT - "Ashes To Ashes" LP

"Along the lines of CRUCIFIX, FINAL CONFLICT are carrying on a tradition of politically aware hardcore. Very strong musically and politically, they don’t hold back, and in an all-too-hedonistic and conservative environment like Orange Co., it’s no small feat to maintain one’s values and drive. They do."

-Tim Yohannan
MRR - February 1988

1 Apocalypse Now!
2 One Answer
3 Private War
4 Crucifixion
5 Abolish Police
6 Shattered Mirror
7 Burial Service

1 What Kind Of Future?
2 Constant Fear
3 Political Glory
4 Central America
5 Outcasts
6 Self-Righteous Pigs
7 Last Sunrise