M.O.T.O. - "Motoerectus" LP


**No matter who he's on stage or recording with at the moment, PAUL CAPORINO alone has always been M.O.T.O., aka MASTERS OF THE OBVIOUS. He formed the band in 1981 in New Orleans and has been playing an infectious blend of garage, '70s punk and Brill Building worthy pop ever since.

M.O.T.O. released more than fifteen cassette albums between 1985 and 1999. Virtually all were fuzzy 4-track recordings with Paul layering guitar, bass and vocals over a crude drum machine. The lyrics are filled with dick jokes, love themes and smart-assed social commentary. The music is lo-fi, hook-laden pop.

"Motoerectus" was released in very limited quantities in 1987. This album represents some of M.O.T.O.'s last 4-track recordings before relocating to Boston. Although it's still showing much of the New Orleans / early years goofiness, there are a handful of tracks hinting at the slightly more serious pop sensibilities to come with M.O.T.O.'s '90s and beyond releases.

Remastered for this new 2023 pressing.


Side A
2 Leo Buscaglia Evening 3:10
3 Man Woman And Child 2:27
4 Bright Sunshiny Skull 2:23
5 The Sorrow And The Pity 1:32
6 The Queen's Dick 3:08
7 One Good Dose Of Nyquil 2:24
8 I Can't Get By Can't Do It 1:00
9 Die Tonight 2:52

Side B
1 Whistle Through Your Ears 1:57
2 Anatomical Gift Statement 3:16
3 Fuck Tonight 2:19
4 Screwed Up Situation 4:14
5 Just The Kinda Guy I Am 3:55
6 She Got Everything 2:59
7 Price Of Love 3:19