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MOB 47 - "Karnvapen Attack" 7" EP

Image of MOB 47 - "Karnvapen Attack" 7" EP

Mob 47 took the anger and intensity of early 80's Swedish hardcore and injected it with the speed and high energy of American Thrash. The result is some of the most powerful hardcore of the early 1980s. Recorded in 1984 these 8 tracks, one of which appeared on the PEACE comp, sent a shockwave through the world of hardcore. Powerful, fast and angry hardcore from some amped up young Swedes.

Side A
1. Karnvapen Attack
2. Rustning Ar Ett Brott
3. Res Dig Mot Overheten
4. Vi Rustar Dom Or
5. Det Ar Upp Till Oss

Side B
1. Dom Ljuger
2. Ingen Framtid
3. Animal Liberation
5. Polisstat