VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Killed By Death Volume 12" LP

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Killed By Death Volume 12" LP

# 12 in the series- ALL AMERICAN PUNK, NO FOREIGN JUNK!!


Side A
1 Cardiac Kidz- Get Out
2 Aryan Disgrace- F*ggot In The Family
3 Strike Under- Context
4 Genral Foodz- Be So Funny
5 Ebenezer & The Bludgeons- Weekend Nazi
6 Cult Heroes- Amerikan Story
7 Lizerds- Is It Late?
8 the Lubricants- Activated Energy
9 Ground Zero- Nothing
10 the Injections- Lies

Side B
1 the Rejects- EEG
2 the Rejects- Barbed Wire Baby
3 the Meaty Buys- New Freedumb
4 the Silly Killers- Knife Manual
5 the Nubs- I Don't Need You
6 Legionaire's Disease- Downtown
7 Peer Pressure- Sounds Of The 80s
8 the Cheaters- Ice Man
9 the Stains- Feel Guilty
10 Teenage PhDs- Punk Rock Is Dead

For those keeping score at home: Mr. TKO only owns NONE of the original records on this comp. Not a one. Don't waste this opportunity to rub it in his face if you happen to own any yourself