YOUTH BRIGADE - "Sound & Fury" LP (Yellow Vinyl)


"The re-release of this LP, since the Stern brothers weren’t too happy with the first and were determined to put out a true quality product. Features only four songs off the first, and when these guys do something right, they go all out! This totally enjoyable slice of black vinyl is perhaps one of the best records money can buy. Lots of diversified touches, variations, and good harmonies from punk rap to hardcore speed and energy, which has all the melodies rumbling in your head. When you get bored of the rest, this performance will still reside on your turntable."

-PUSHEAD / MRR - July/August 1983

1 Sink With California
2 Modest Proposal
3 Men In Blue (Part I)
4 Sound & Fury
5 Fight To Unite
6 Jump Back
7 Blown Away

1 Live Life
2 What Are You Fighting For
3 Did You Wanna Die
4 You Don't Understand
5 The Circle
6 Duke Of Earl
7 What Will The Revolution Change

500 copies on Yellow Vinyl.