LONG KNIFE - "Curb Stomp Earth" LP + Poster

LONG KNIFE - "Curb Stomp Earth" LP + Poster


"The long-running Portland hardcore greats Poison Idea aren’t a band anymore, but there’s another Portland band that scratches the same itch, and they just released a motherfucker of an album. Long Knife sound basically nothing like any other hardcore band currently working. They specialize in a revved-up old-school attack that draws power from garage rock and even just straight-up classic rock. Imagine that the scummy, sticky filth on a dive-bar floor became sentient and started making music. That’s Long Knife. They fucking rule, and their new album Curb Stomp Earth is a total ass-kicker."



Side A
1 Modern Fatigue
2 Trip To The River
3 Curb Stomp Earth
4 Uncle Phil
5 Blue Rose
6 If You Want Blood
7 The Curse

Side B
1 Scum
2 Shut Down
3 Survival
4 Burnside Bop
5 Hello America
6 Coast 2 Coast