DEATH RIDGE BOYS - "Society Overdose" 7" Single (Limited Edition)



Limited edition of DRB's brand new single!

***Hot off the heels of their full length on TKO, "Too Much Bullshit," DEATH RIDGE BOYS give Black Water a nice new single.

There isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said before from their several previous releases from these working class Oi!-loving Portland mainstays. They have never been broken, therefore need no fixing, so these two new jammers are taken in with open arms.

For newcomers to this band, these fellas play melodic, anthemic street rock filled to the brim with inspirational political lyrics.

In this single's case, gruffly sung tunes about the singer (Will from TALK IS POISON, PRESSING ON, etc) and his journey into punk, discovering the world is a fucked up place in “Society Overdose”. The B-side “Turn The Tide” is a mid tempo rocker about fighting to not let the bastards have their way.

Both tracks are modern day anthems for an insane world.

Society Overdose

Turn The Tide