JERRY A. LANG - "From The Fire, Into The Water" LP


Jerry A Lang's 1st shot at releasing a solo album.

But he didn't do it by himself, CRIME SCENE, Big Stick, Jenny Don't +The Spurs, SOFT KILL, The Ransom, SAVAGE BEAT, THE HARD-ONS, Dare To Defy, BBB, and an unreleased POISON IDEA song.

Eclectic electric, baby!


1. Savage Beat – That's My Music (Bonnie St. Claire)
2. The Ransom – Psychodelic Nightmare (Dead Moon)
3. Crime Scene – Black Cat
4. Jerry A. Lang – Late Night
5. Dare To Defy – Get Out (YDi)
6. Jenny Don't And The Spurs – Ladybird

1 Hard-Ons – The Blade
2 Black Bacon Butchers– Hole In The Wall
3 Poison Idea – The Butcher
4 Big Stick – Darling Raven
5 The Ransom –I Hate The Blues (Dead Moon)
6 Soft Kill –Fatigue (Blitz)