M.D.C. - "Millions Of Dead Cops" LP


"MDC, formerly the Texas STAINS, are one of the most politically-aware punk bands around today, and this record has enough food for thought to gorge the average listener with ideas. The music is exceptionally fast but much more complex than the typical thrash attack, a combination that can be disorienting until the material becomes more familiar. My one complaint is that the mix emphasizes the vocals at the expense of the guitars, but this is still one of the year’s best albums."

-Jeff Bale
Maximum RocknRoll
July/August 1982

1 Business On Parade
2 Dead Cops / America's So Straight
3 Born To Die
4 Corporate Deathburger
5 Violent Rednecks
6 I Remember
7 John Wayne Was A Nazi

1 Dick For Brains
2 I Hate Work
3 Kill The Light
4 My Family Is A Little Weird
5 Greedy & Pathetic
6 Church & State
7 American Achievements