POISON IDEA - "Record Collectors Are STILL Pretentious Assholes" CD



This new reissue is without a doubt the ultimate version of this title. Between the scorching new mastering job, the expanded artwork... it doesn't matter if you've already got ALL other versions of this LP, if you're a record collector worthy of the album title, you're gonna need this one.


(The Original EP)
1. A.A
2. Legalize Freedom
3. Cold Comfort
4. Thorn In My Side
5. Rubber Husband
6. Rich Get Richer
7. Don't Like It Here
8. Time To Go
(Comp Tracks & Outtakes)
9. Town Hall
10. Laughing Boy
11. Typical
12. Die On Your Knees
13. I Gotta Right

"Despite all rumors and confusion, POISON IDEA rages with rapid-fire, foaming bites of outrageous energy. This is what you’ve been waiting for. This band deals out the goods with frenetic, hammering madness and rabid intensity thrash-style compositions."

- Pushead
MAXIMUM ROCKN'ROLL - October, 1984