CRIME - 'San Francisco's Doomed" LP


Culled from 1978-79 studio demos and rehearsal tapes, San Francisco's Doomed captures the frenzy of CRIME's sound in a fittingly loose, devil-may-care framework.
Side one is a gloriously unpolished assault of classic, gutter-level punk with vicious live set staples like "Feel The Beat" and "Piss On Your Dog" taking marquee placement over the more well-known singles tracks. Side two finds CRIME taking aim at the so-called New Wave, augmenting their attack with ripped odes that bear the direct influence of science fiction and rockabilly on the group. Few recordings from US punk's first wave match the raw intensity heard on San Francisco's Doomed.


1 Frustration
2 Crime Wave
3 I Knew This Nurse
4 San Francisco's Doomed
5 Rock 'n' Roll Enemy No. 1
6 Piss On Your Dog
7 Feel The Beat
8 I Stupid Anyway
9 Twisted
10 Murder By Guitar
11 Instrumental Instrumental

1 Flyeater
2 Rockabilly Drugstore
3 Dillinger's Brain
4 Flipout
5 Emergency Music Ward
6 Monkey On Your Back
7 Yakuza
8 Rockin' Weird
9 Samurai