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DEAD KENNEDYS - "Bedtime For Democracy" LP

Image of DEAD KENNEDYS - "Bedtime For Democracy" LP

BACK IN STOCK - Remastered version of what get's identified as the DK's final studio album from 1986. It was actually extra songs from the "Frankenchrist" sessions release after the band broke up....

Side A

1. Take This Job And Shove It (David Allen Coe)
2. Hop With The Jet Set
3. Dear Abby
4. Rambozo The Clown
5. Fleshdunce
6. The Great Wall
7. Shrink
8. Triumph Of The Swill
9. Macho Insecurity
10. I Spy
11. Cesspools In Eden

Side B

1. One-way Ticket To Pluto
2. Do The Slag
3. A Commercial
4. Gone With My Wind
5. Anarchy For Sale
6. Chickenshit Conformist
7. Where Do You Draw The Line?
8. Potshot Heard Around The World
9. D.M.S.O.
10. Lie Detector