DISORDER - "'Splitting Headache Collection 1986-1994" LP (Yellow Vinyl)


PNV delivers more of what the kids are screaming for with another album from everyone’s favorite UK Hardcore noise merchants Disorder. Disorder is a legendary and influential UK Hardcore punk band known for their unique noisy as fuck raw pissed off belligerent punk sound. This new collection from the masterminds at PNV compiles their tracks from their splits with Norway’s Kafka Prosess from 86, their 92 tracks from their split with Dutch Hardcore band Mushroom Attack, but that’s not all folks, the LP also includes the More Noize EP from 91 and Pain Headache Depression EP from 94.

1. Double Standards
2. Be Bad Be Glad
3. Love And Flowers
4. Togetherness And Unity
5. Marriage Story
6. Overproduction
7. Drop The Bomb
8. Fist Fuck
9. Insane System
10. Innocent
11. Scream
12. Systems Reject

1. A Prayer For Cliff Richard
2. Chemical O.D.
3. Closed
4. Down
5. Horsemen
6. Powermonger
7. Modern Society
8. Police State
9. Good Luck
10. Barrel Master
11. Fresh
12. Brain Donor