ESKORBUTO - "Las Mas Macabras De Las Vidas" LP


Guns Of Brixton Records presents a vinyl reissue -- as rock'n'roll liturgy deserves -- of the fifth album of an independent and combative band like no other.

In July of 1988, the most obscure record of Spanish punk band Eskorbuto's discography was released. Vomited from the entrails with the boredom of a life blackened by the soot pouring from the nozzles of the factories of the beaten left bank of the Nervión River.

Time had already hardened them and their attitude was plain, above all they were "anti-everything." Las Más Macabras de las Vidas ("The Most Macabre of Lives") is a timeless record and paradoxically sounds fresh again in its vinyl format. It is a great opportunity to once again taste the subtle shades of exasperation that hang around the grooves of the bitterest record from the bitterest band.

Eskorbuto inoculates in the listener, harder than ever, the rage and the nihilism of which they were keen transmitters.

1 Rock Y Violencia
2 Pelos Largos, Caras Enfermas
3 Iros A La Mierda
4 Las Más Macabras De Las Vidas

1 Felices Días De Tu Vida
2 Sangre
3 La Última Pelea
4 Que Corra La Sangre
5 Cantame Una Canción