PUBLIC EYE - "Music For Leisure" LP


Public Eye's "Music For Leisure" sees the Portland, OR-based punk outfit taking a brazen stance against conscienceless capitalist mores in their most overt, outward-facing release to date.

Indebted to the likes of Wire and the "Killed By Death" compilation series, Public Eye resurfaces on "Music For Leisure" with a more deliberate sound - subdued in its maturity and propelled forward by vocalist Nick Vicario's gritty vocals and barbed lyricism.

Written in the aftermath of the 2016 election, "Music For Leisure" is a scathing indictment of class inequity and the powers-that-be.


Side A
1 Descending
2 New Years
3 Awful Questions
4 The Door Is Always Closed
5 Lost Dog

Side B
6 Neat Machines / Red Flags
7 I Might Go
8 The Fiend
9 The Duet
10 You're Being Laughed At