R.I.P. - "Lekeittio '84" LP + Booklet


This masterpiece show us the classic Basque band at his best, proving the speed and rage of their live performances. Those songs that you've always chanted and shouted, that unmistakable and rabid voice of Carlos, those riffs that made you shake your head and those lyrics as direct and angry...

It contains unpublished songs on his LP "No te muevas" and the split with "Eskorbuto". High quality sound approved! Includes 16 pages DIY booklet printed in risography and screenprint.


Side A
1 Antipolítica 1:26
2 Antimilitar 1:25
3 Brigada Criminal 1:43
4 Vamos A Pisar La Sociedad 1:46
5 Guerra y Destrucción 1:19
6 Grito De España 1:16

Side B
1 Última Generación 1:45
2 Crimen De Estado 1:36
3 No Hay Futuro 1:33
4 Odio Mi Patria 1:53
5 Policia No 1:15
6 When The Punks Go Marching In 2:23