the WEIRDOS - "Weird World: 1977-1981" LP

the WEIRDOS - "Weird World: 1977-1981" LP


Best of and complete collection of recordings of Hollywood
greatest 'go-go-ga-ga' punk rockers. Included is the
Dangerhouse 'Neutron Bomb' 7", Bomp!'s 'Destroy All Music' and 'Who, What, When', Rhino's 12" EP 'Action Design' and all their demos and unreleased gems.

Side A
1. Weird World
2. Arms Race
3. Pagan
4. Helium Bar
5. Rhythm Syndrome
6. Fallout
7. Fort U.S.A.

Side B
1. Happy People
2. Message From The Underworld
3. Teenage
4. I'm Not Like You
5. We Got The Neutron Bomb
6. Solitary Confinement
7. Life Of Crime