VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Punxploitation!" LP


1 Shadow - New Year's Evil (New Year's Evil)
2 Shadow - Simon Bar Sinister (New Year's Evil)
3 Fear - I Don't Care About You (Live on SNL)
4 Fear - New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones (Live on SNL)
5 Fear - Beef Baloney (Live on SNL)
6 Fear - Let's Have A War (Live on SNL)
7 Teenage Head - Ain't Got No Sense (Class Of 1984)
8 Pain - I Dig Pain (Acoustic) (CHiPS)
9 Pain - I Dig Pain (CHiPS)

1 The Rude Band - I'm A Punk (What A Rude Album)
2 Mayhem - Give Up (Quincy M.E.)
3 Mayhem - Next Stop Nowhere(Quincy M.E.)
4 Not The Nine O'Clock News - Gob On You (Not The Nine O'Clock News)
5 Not The Nine O'Clock News - Bouncing Song (Not The Nine O'Clock News)
6 The Queen Haters - I Hate The Bloody Queen (SCTV)
7 Edge Of Etiquette - I Hate You (Star Trek IV)
8 Three Souls In My Mind - Intrepidos Punks (Intrepidos Punks)
9 Ramones- Happy Birthday (The Simpsons)