ANTiSEEN - "Here To Ruin Your Groove" 2xLP + Poster, CD & Sticker (Color Vinyl)

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Let’s not mince words—In the American punk canon, there are few acts as tenured as Charlotte, NC’s legendary ANTiSEEN. With dozens of singles, LPs, compilations, and live records to their name, choosing a definitive “best” is nigh on impossible. But if we’re going to have the conversation anyway, there’s zero question that their now classic 1996 full length Here To Ruin Your Groove is in the running.

Marking a shift in both personnel and paradigm for the band, Here To Ruin Your Groove introduced Tripp McNeill and Barry Hannibal into the fold; A pair whose contributions would help shape the band’s sound for years to come. As a veteran of fellow Charlotte underground luminaries Seducer, McNeill’s metal-infused, melodic approach to bass both perfectly complemented and expanded upon ANTiSEEN’s patented brand of grimy, Southern punk rock ’n’ roll. For Hannibal’s part, his role as drummer, producer, engineer, bassist, and more has remained an integral component of the band’s makeup for the last several decades. The result of this newly minted rhythm section was a record that delivered on the raucous, irreverent punk ANTiSEEN had spent years perfecting, while broadening the band’s scope to include even more melodic flare and heavy metal flourishes. With Jeff Clayton’s singular voice and uncompromising vision anchored by the feral roar of Joe Young's buzzsaw guitar, Here To Ruin Your Groove immediately cemented its status as one of ANTiSEEN’s most compelling, hard-hitting, and lasting efforts.

Lovingly reissued for the first time since 2003 as a newly remastered double LP, this deluxe edition of Here To Ruin Your Groove includes both the original record and an additional LP featuring two previously CD-only hidden bonus tracks, two singles, and six tracks from their 1997 set at the Confederacy of Scum Supershow in Lawrence, KS. Packaged in a gatefold jacket and pressed on colored vinyl, the record also includes a 16”x20” poster and a CD copy of the original 1996 version. With the painstaking attention to detail you’ve come to expect, TKO Records is proud to present the definitive version of ANTiSEEN’s Here To Ruin Your Groove. Accept no substitutes.

-First pressing of 400 copies on purple and orange vinyl.
-LIMITED EDITION of 100 copies on "GROOVE-A-DELIC" purple and orange vinyl.

-All Versions Include Poster, CD & Sticker
-Pressed at Cascade for supreme quality.


Side A (the original album)
1. Ugly American
2. The Dean Of Sods Speaks #1
3. Spare Change
4. People Like You
5. The Dean Of Sods Speaks #2
6. Funk U
7. Misery
8. The Dean Of Sods Speaks #3
9. We Got This Far (Without You)

Side B (orig. album con't)
1. Radio Ruined Groove
2. Billy The Kid
3. Self-Induced Lobotomy
4. Sick Things (Alice Cooper)
5. O.D. For Me
6. The Needle & The Spoon (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
7. The Dean Of Sods Speaks #4
8. Justifiable Homicide

Side C (singles & bonus)
1. Fornication
2. Fuck All Y'all
3. 1969 (the Stooges)
4. Jailhouse

Side D (Live in 1997)
1. Self-Induced Lobotomy
2. People Like You
3. Funk U
4. Star Whore
5. Queen City Stomp
6. We Got This Far (Without You)