ANTiSEEN - "Drastic / EP Royalty" 2x7" (NEW OLD STOCK)


Original vintage label inventory from the title's original release. NEW OLD STOCK.

SIDE A - The Drastic EP
1 Queen City Stomp
2 She's Part Of The Scene
3 Rumors
4 Psycho Path

SIDE B - The Drastic EP
1 Absent Minded
2 Nothing's Cool
3 Destructo Rock

SIDE C - E.P. Royalty EP
1 N.C. Royalty
2 Million Bucks
3 White Trash Bitch

SIDE E - E.P. Royalty EP
1 Ruby, Ruby, Get Back To The Hills
2 Constant Nagging
3 Cop Out (Bye Bye)
4 She's Part Of The Scene (Version II)