NO TIME - "Suffer No Fool" LP (Black Vinyl)


TKO Records is proud to announce the return of Pittsburgh’s premier Oi/Hardcore stalwarts NO TIME with their long-awaited “comeback” album, Suffer No Fool.

Following a string of excellent releases culminating in their 2016 tour de force, You’ll Get Yours, it could be argued that NO TIME were drastically ahead of the curve. Taking some cues from Skinhead Hardcore greats like IRON CROSS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, and WARZONE, NO TIME crafted their own hybrid sound that blends real deal “Boots and Braces” UK Oi! with classic early 80s-style American hardcore that evokes these influences without being constrained by them.

And since their 2018 hiatus, a whole new generation of bands have followed a similar thread, which has resulted in arguably the most robust and diverse American Oi! scene EVER. With Suffer No Fool, NO TIME has returned to this new scene they helped germinate, and take their place at the front of the pack.

Suffer No Fool sees NO TIME perfecting their already crushing sound, refining it to an indisputable science. Every song is delivered with equal parts clockwork precision and give-a-damn swagger. You can try to break down all the elements that make NO TIME great—the tones, the singalongs, the earworm guitar leads—but why bother? Suffer No Fool is nothing less than master crafted American Punk/Oi!/Harcore music of the highest quality.

For a Punk band to follow-up a phenomenal debut with a sophomore album that surpasses the first is a rare thing. To do this after a five year hiatus, with a record that firmly rivals the best efforts of every current band in the scene (that they helped build) is unprecedented. But NO TIME didn’t let that stop them, and Suffer No Fool is that unprecedented album.

Lest there be any doubt, as NO TIME themselves put it “We’re fucking back”.


900 on BLACK vinyl

-Pressed at Cascade for supreme quality.



Side A
1. Intro / Never Wrong
2. Life-Sucker
3. True Hate
4. Suffer No Fool
5. G.F.P.
6. Automation Generation
7. Everything You Hate

Side B
1. Anxiety Blitz
2. No Love Lost
3. Rut
4. Blood & Steel
5. Savage Age
6. Survival