POISON IDEA - "Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years Volume 1" LP (2024 REMASTER)


Since forming at the dawn of the 1980s, Portland Oregons’ POISON IDEA have released a staggering amount of vinyl, toured the world many times over and been celebrated as one of the pioneering bands of the American Hardcore punk movement.

The origins of their protracted campaign of mayhem can be found on Darby Crash Rides Again - The Early Years Volume 1, a collection of the band's earliest and most potent recordings.

Originally released as a seven-inch EP on the band's own American Leather imprint in 1989, it was expanded in 2011 by TKO to the twelve-inch format, adding on the legendary Boner’s Kitchen demos from 1981 as well as a blistering live set recorded on the air in 1983 for a KBOO public radio fundraiser. 

Seeing that Darby Crash Rides Again - The Early Years Volume 1 was the maiden release that began the tenure between POISON IDEA and TKO thirteen years ago, it was essential that it would be treated with the utmost care as the second installment in this year's POISON IDEA REMASTER series.

For this latest edition, the antiquated audio sources were returned to and improved upon in an effort to hold fast to their rough-and-tumble charm while boosting their sonic qualities. The results are a stupendous roar of POISON IDEA's  nascent energy while continuing TKO’s detail-oriented history lesson on the undisputed Kings of Punk.


-900 copies pressed on BLACK VINYL


Side A (Demos 1981-1982)
1. Theme
2. Poser
3. Death Pact
4. Swallow It
5. New Right
6. Give It Up ('81)
7. Give It Up ('82)
8. This Thing Called Progress
9. M.I.A.
10. Think Twice
11. Bounce The Rubble
12. All Right
13. Underage
14. Castration
15. Pure Hate
16. Young Lord

Side B (Live on KBOO 1983)
2. Legalize Freedom
3. Spy
4. Motorhead
5. (I Hate) Reggae
6. Think Fast
7. Ugly American
8. Rich Get Richer
9. Pure Hate
10. Thorn In My Side